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Wireless Security.

No Phone Line Needed

IP-Based security. Get rid or your phone line.

A New Kind Of Security

SOLO™ is a new generation of cloud enabled security. This keypadless, wireless security and PERS system is incredibly easy to install and is fully controlled though your smart-phone or computer. By adding additional wireless sensors your SOLO™ system can be expanded up to 32 zones as well as up to 64 FOBs.

Get Rid Of Your Phone Line

Because the SOLO is an Internet based security device, you no longer need a phone line for your security system to send alarms to the central station or alerts to you or your contact's smartphone.

Choice of RF Format

On setup, you can choose to use either SOLO RF sensors or DSC format 433 MHz RF sensors. Note: only one type can be used on a system at a time.


  • Up to 32 wireless zones
  • 1 programmable noise detection zone
  • Programmable capacitive-touch disc interface with audible and visual feedback
  • Up to 64 programmable FOB's
  • Up to 32 unique users
  • Up to 8 partitions
  • Encrypted communications
  • Simple sensor enrollment
  • RF auto-enrol avoids install errors
  • RF walk-test mode enables verification of each RF sensor installation
  • Choose your wireless format: SOLO or DSC RF format
  • Remotely upgradable to allow for new features and services
  • 100BaseT Ethernet Support
  • Simple installation
  • Integrated Syslog client for local activity logging
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatible

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