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Sidekick LTE

Add Dual-Path Security

Simple Installation

Plugs into UNO Panel or EVL4 board.

Add Dual-Path Security

The new Sidekick LTE module connects to the popular EnvisaLink 4 module or the UNO IP panel to facilitate a simple but powerful Dual-Path alarm solution for home or business alarm monitoring.

Simple Installation

You just plug the Sidekick expansion cable into the EVL4 or UNO panel and mount the Sidekick. Once you've initiated the LTE service plan it will relay alarm signals to the central station or alerts to your contacts in the event that your Internet connection is not available.


  • Diagnostic/Status LEDs
  • No programming required
  • Encrypted communications
  • LTE CAT-M1 & NB-IoT
  • GSM 4G
  • SIA and ContactID
  • Remotely upgradable to allow for new features and services
  • SIM rolls to stongest carrier
  • Horizontal or vertical mount

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